Campaign and Policy Training for Youth

 AGHVERAN – On November 18-20, 2011 the Hrayr  Maroukhian Foundation with the support of the Friedrich  Ebert Foundation organized a three-day training for youth.  Twenty five members of the Armenian Youth Federation,  the Nikol Aghbalyan Student’sUnionand the ARF  Parliamentary Faction of the Youth Parliament participated  in the training conducted by Bjӧrn Kulp of the Training  Academy of Germany.

The training gave participants the necessary tools to  determine priority areas of concern and conceptualize,  organize and realize different events. Over a period of three days, the participants were given the tools on how to run a campaign about the issue of youth unemployment in Armenia. They were instructed about the basics of campaigning, the modules of a successful campaign, target groups and how to reach them, strategy, strategical partners and action planning.